Creating Modern Desktop Applications with Java and Kotlin: Redesigning Our SDK

Elías Menon on March 23rd 2023

Developers have always been looking for effective and efficient ways to create modern desktop applications that can cater to the demands of users. At Equo, we created an SDK that provides developers and organizations with an easy way to create these applications using Kotlin and Java, with a web modern frontend.

However, we acknowledge that our current SDK has some problems that need to be addressed. Some of these issues include:

  • Difficult to contribute: The SDK itself is not lightweight and uses technologies that are not well-known by most developers, making it unnecessarily difficult for new contributors.
  • Inefficient performance: Application startup time is on the slower side, due to the above.
  • Fat bundle: Applications have too many dependencies that do not add that much value in the most common use-cases.
  • To address these issues, we are excited to announce that we are undertaking a redesign of our SDK.

    What we will do

    We are working on a complete redesign of our SDK, which will have a bunch of new features and improvements to address the problems that our current SDK has. These new changes include:

  • Focus on performance: Applications should start and be responsive as fast as possible.
  • Enhanced security: No additional servers needed.
  • Simplified design: The new SDK only uses well-known Java development tools.
  • Easier to contribute: In addition to the simplified design, all development will be done transparently in the public repository.
  • Minimal dependencies: The core functionality and any future libraries we add will be kept free of any unnecessary dependencies.
  • As always, our SDK is fully open-source, and we encourage developers to contribute to its development. With your help, we can make our SDK even better, and provide more effective tools for desktop application development. As always, our SDK is fully open-source, and it will be available on our Github repository, where you can find all the necessary resources to get started:

    We believe that these changes will make our SDK an even more powerful tool for developers who want to create modern desktop applications with web frontends. We are excited to share more information about our redesign in future blog posts, so be sure to stay tuned!


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