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for building and delivering
desktop apps

Build modern web-based apps faster for the desktop and for embedded systems, with a full-stack platform that seamlessly delivers them.
Equo is trusted by Fortune 500 companies and startups

Ship an app in just 3 steps

Equo is the best place to build, test, secure, and distribute any desktop and embedded app, no matter the development technology used.

Develop your app


Convert any app to desktop

Our open source SDK provides multiple independant modules to create desktop and embedded apps with a web frontend.
Give your app a boost

Start with pre-built components and templates to speed up your development.

Code once, run anywhere

Build once and deploy anywhere - across desktop and embedded platforms.

Build with the tech you love

Use your favorite UI framework, React, Angular, Vue or even no framework at all, to develop a new modern web-based UI. Connect it to your Java application code in a couple of seconds.

Others development frameworks

Of course we prefer our SDK to develop modern desktop apps... But it doesn't matter the development technology you used to create your app (i.e Electron, QT, WPF, Retool), our platform builds and distributes it at the pace of development.

Explore Equo SDK

Connect your repo

Integrate your application Git repository with Equo to automatically generate native installers on every code change.
Push to release

Import your repo with one click, then push your code. Our built-in CI/CD system triggers on every commit and builds cross-platform native installers.

Code signing

Automatically sign your application for every platform, and certify that it was actually created by your company.

Collaborate with your team

Invite your entire team and iterate with them. Test from the perspective of your users, on every platform.


Share it with everyone

Distribute your app with auto-generated native installers for all operating systems and platforms. Deploy application updates and push notifications in minutes.

Start developing

Getting started with Equo's open source SDK is simple and fast. It's just a matter of:



equo create appName



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