Equo July Product Update

Sebastian Sampaoli on July 24th 2023

Welcome to our Product Update newsletter, where we bring you the latest and greatest updates from Equo! We've been working hard to enhance our products and provide better tools for your development journey. Let's dive into the highlights from the past month:

1. Chromium Integration for Eclipse

Seamlessly integrate Equo Chromium in the Eclipse IDE and Eclipse RCP applications! Easily install the Equo Chromium browser via an Eclipse update site, transforming default SWT browser instances into a modern, constantly updated Chromium-based browser engine. Enjoy an up-to-date browser engine, with enhanced compatibility, security, and performance. Experience a consistent user interface across all platforms effortlessly. Check out this Eclipse Marketplace link to install the Chromium integration for Eclipse.

2. Distribution of Eclipse RCP applications with Equo Dashboard

Distributing Eclipse RCP applications has never been easier! Our recent Equo Dashboard release offers an end-to-end solution for packaging, building, and distributing Eclipse RCP applications. Enjoy auto-generated web-based installers for Windows, macOS, and Linux. Experience live application updates, analytics, logging, crash reporting, and CI/CD integration. Create your Equo Dashboard account today and simplify the distribution process. Read this tutorial for more details on how to distribute your Eclipse RCP application.

3. SDK Components as Eclipse Update Sites

We're excited to share that three key components of our Equo SDK—the Comm API, Middleware, and Devtools & Debug—can now be installed through the Eclipse "Install New Software" UI. Elevate the performance, behavior, debugging, and monitoring capabilities of your Eclipse RCP applications.

And of course, we've been hard at work fixing bugs to provide you with the best Chromium-based browser for Java applications. As always, our dedicated team is here to support you, answer any questions, and assist. Reach out to us at support@equo.dev. Your feedback and suggestions are invaluable to us as we continue to enhance your development journey.


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