Equo June Product Update

Sebastian Sampaoli on June 14th 2023

Welcome to our newsletter! Where we bring you the latest updates and features from Equo! We are excited to share the following highlights from the past month.

Introducing Equo Debug

Supercharge your app development with Equo Debug! Equo Debug is a new component we just released, part of the Equo SDK.

Seamlessly debug Equo applications based on React.js and Vue.js with automated procedures and dedicated tools.

Equo Debug automatically opens devtools in browsers for each Equo Chromium instance. Simplify your development process with a single action. Try it now! Contact our team for more details. Check out our comprehensive guide for a tutorial on how to debug applications that integrate Equo Chromium using your IDE, the Equo CLI, or DevTools.

Equo Chromium Updates

We have been working hard to enhance Equo Chromium, and we are excited to announce several new features and improvements:

  • We added file drag-and-drop support on Linux.
  • Support to display custom content menus in GTK, giving you more control and flexibility over user interactions.
  • Support for Windowless standalone. Now, the Equo Chromium browser can run windowless, without depending on any UI toolkit.
  • New API to export to PDF, enabling seamless generation of PDF documents within your applications.
  • Improved loading time of setText invocations for large resources, enhancing performance and user experience.
  • Support for CentOS 7 and RH7 (Enterprise Edition) was added to ensure broader platform compatibility.
  • Various bug fixes to further refine the stability and reliability of Equo Chromium.

    We are committed to providing you with top-notch solutions and continuously improving your experience with Equo. Stay tuned for more exciting updates in the coming weeks!

    Should you have any questions, require assistance, or want to learn more about our latest features, our team is here to support you. Feel free to reach out at support@equo.dev.

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