Equo May Product Update

Sebastian Sampaoli on May 28th 2024

We are thrilled to announce the release of Equo Chromium Community version 124! This update includes significant advancements and improvements from Chromium versions 117 to 124, bringing enhanced performance, security, and updated developer tools to our open-source browser.

🔧 Fixes and Improvements in Equo Chromium Versions 106 and 116

Before diving into the latest features of our new major open-source release 124, we would like to highlight the critical fixes and features implemented in our earlier versions, 106 and 116, which are also shipped in the 124 release, to ensure a robust and reliable browsing experience:

  • Crash Fixes: Resolved issues causing crashes when closing the application and during browser shutdown (Windows)
  • Process Management: Fixed termination of child processes during application shutdown and orphan processes in Windows 10
  • X Visuals Crash: Addressed crashes related to custom X implementation
  • File Dialog Navigation: Fixed navigation issues after browser instantiation
  • Browser Alerts: Resolved crashes occurring after closing the browser following a window.alert
  • Eclipse Integration: Fixed issues with Chromium Integration for Eclipse in certain views
  • Windowless Browsers: Ensured truly headless operation under Linux and fixed crashes when closing windowless browsers
  • WebAuthn/FIDO2 Support: Introduced support for more secure authentication through our Security Component
  • Documentation: Added comprehensive documentation for the ChromiumBrowser API
  • Drag & Drop: Fixed drag and drop functionality issues from Firefox to Chromium
  • SDK Improvements: Implemented various fixes and enhancements in our SDK components: Middleware, Comm, and Security Component

  • 🌟 Equo Chromium Community v124: Our New Major Open-Source Release

    Our latest release, Equo Chromium Community v124, brings together a series of significant advancements and updates from Chromium versions 117 to 124. Here's a detailed overview of the key improvements:

  • Privacy and Security: Enhanced third-party cookie controls for better privacy
  • Web Components: Enhanced Shadow DOM and custom elements support
  • WebXR: Better support for augmented reality and virtual reality experiences
  • Cookies Expiration Limit: Applied a 400-day expiration cap for cookies
  • CSS Enhancements: New pseudo-classes, relative color syntax, and expanded clip-path property. Support for new CSS properties and improved handling of custom properties
  • Fenced Frames: Additional format options for ad size macros and improved beacon behaviors
  • DevTools: Support for scroll-driven animations, CSS nesting improvements, performance enhancements, and monitoring tools. Improved Elements panel, better support for source maps, and new debugging features for web workers
  • WebGPU: New texture formats and updated API shapes for timestamp queries
  • DevTools Enhancements: Improved Elements panel, better support for source maps, and new debugging features for web workers
  • Security Updates: Strengthened security protocols and vulnerability fixes
  • Network Improvements: Optimized handling of cookies and network performance
  • WebAssembly: Improved Wasm support, including better performance and debugging capabilities
  • Performance: Memory usage optimizations and overall performance improvements.
  • Security: New measures to prevent exploits and enhance user safety
  • Declarative Shadow DOM: New APIs for working with shadow DOMs directly from JavaScript
  • WebSocketStream API: Streams integration with WebSockets to handle backpressure issues
  • View Transitions: Improved consistency for first paint and better navigation handling
  • Private Network Access: Enhanced options for connecting to local network devices without TLS certificates
  • WasmGC: Introduction of garbage collection support for WebAssembly, enhancing memory management and performance

  • Equo Chromium Community v124 brings a host of advancements to enhance your development experience. We are committed to continuously improving our open-source browser and providing you with the best tools to build secure, efficient, and modern desktop applications.

    Stay tuned for more updates, and as always, we welcome your feedback and contributions.

    Thank you!


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