Passwordless Authentication for Desktop Applications:

Introducing Equo's Security Component

Agustin Schilling on March 19th 2024

Equo has consistently provided developers and organizations with the tools needed to craft modern, web-based desktop applications. The Equo SDK, with its modular architecture, allows the creation and modernization of desktop applications across various operating systems using a unified codebase. The introduction of the new Security Component marks a significant enhancement in this suite, focusing on fortifying application security to the next level.

Unlocking Advanced Security with the Security Component

The Security Component integrates WebAuthn and FIDO2 support. This advancement enables developers to implement passwordless (Passkeys) and multifactor authentication (MFA) mechanisms in their applications, transcending traditional password-based security. What does it mean for users? It means that they can now access applications via USB keys, NFC devices, Bluetooth, and even mobile phones through QR codes, alongside biometric authentication methods (i.e. Windows Hello, Apple Touch ID). This shift not only elevates security but also enhances user convenience and trust.

Benefits of WebAuthn-Based Authentication:

  • Enhanced Security: Reduces the risk of phishing, man-in-the-middle attacks, and password theft.
  • Improved User Experience: Simplifies the login process with options like biometric authentication, eliminating the need for remembering complex passwords.
  • Greater Accessibility: Offers a variety of authentication methods, catering to users with different needs and preferences.
  • Universal Compatibility: WebAuthn's standard ensures it works across all modern browsers and platforms, facilitating easier integration.

  • A Closer Look at the Security Component

    To showcase the practical benefits and ease of integration of our new Security Component, we've prepared a demo highlighting its functionality. This demo features a simple desktop application using the Security Component for both user registration and authentication via a security USB key, offering a glimpse into the seamless user experience and robust security enhancements it brings.

    Yubiko demo


    With the Security Component, Equo is setting a new standard for secure desktop application development. By leveraging WebAuthn and FIDO2, we're not only making applications more secure but also more accessible and user-friendly.

    We are excited to offer this new feature in our SDK and look forward to seeing how it will transform the authentication experience in your modern desktop applications.

    For more information, please check out our documentation.


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